Colonial Glass Maker

The day of the life of a glass maker.To day the year was 1740 and I was making a window for a cabin.The way to make glass is to get sand and chemicals and then and then blend them in a pot called a crucible.Then melt the mixter in vary hot fire.Then you dip a pipe in the liquid glass.Then blow into the pipe to make a glass bubble.Then you use special tools to shape the glass or you can mold the glass into the heated mold.If you are unhappy with your piece then you can reheat your glass then begin again.Glass must be cooled slowly and evenly if not it will become brittle.


Who was Benjamin Franklin.He helped draft the Declaration of Independence.He helped make the first fire department.He held the title the first American.He was the first president of academy and collage of Philadelphia.He wrote Poor Richard Almanack. He was a civic leader.He was the first to say lightning was electricity.He invented the light rod.He founded the first fire insurance company in the U.S.He was the first postmaster-general of the U.S.That Was Benjamin Franklin.


It was midnight and I heard a know on the door when I opened it it was chast Nathan.I said come on in.He walked in and I said get comfortable he said uhhh! I tered and he was green his shirt was all ripped up and he was bald .I screamed ZOMBIE! I lead him to my lab.Out of know where he starting laughing. It was weird at first then I heard a lot more laughing.I went up stairs.There so many zombies I couldn’t even see them all.I grabbed a bat to protected myself.I ran so fast.I found a hiding spot.When Halloween was over every zombie turned back in to a human and every one lived happily ever after.THE END

Home Coming

I like home coming because it is a special thing we do in white oak we do it every 3 years. We watch a football game and have a parade the next day. And my favorite part is the parade because the people on the flots trow candy.And it is so fun. I got a lot of candy.It is my favorite thing to do in white oak.

9-11 Reflections

I learned that 9-11 is a very sad day.And that a lot of people died that day.And that two planes hit the twin towers .And something hit the pentagon.And they put two pools right where the twin towers were.And they built a new tower.


11 September 2001 – New York – A fireball erupts from the south tower of the World Trade Center as the second of two hijacked airlines crash into the building in the morning of September 11, 2001. The buildings later collapsed. PHOTO CREDIT: DAN DOANE JR. / SIPA PRESS